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Hardware: Name Plates

Shown above are engraved nameplates. We offer them both in bold and fine lettering. Letter heights vary anywhere from approximately one half inch to one inch, depending upon size plate ordered. Plates are ordered by code #, and are priced per inch. Fractions, and parts thereof, considered to the next square inch. Letters are ordered by code #, priced per letter. Commas, periods, etc. are charged as letters. In order to avoid set-up changes, there will be a minimum charge of 8 letters per engraved plate. All plates will have a minimum thickness of 1/16 inch. They can be made in polished, or satin brass finish at no additional cost. Plastics - Clear, White, Red, Black.

Decorative spray ornaments have been positioned next to engraved plates above. They are available at additional cost. See ornamentation/sprays for choice of decorative sprays that make ordinary engraved plates stand out among the rest. For a richer look with less maintenance, we suggest a satin brass finish. When ordering please specify plate code# and size desired. Also, letter code # and lettering. Lettering should be printed, and distinctly marked with commas or periods wanted. Also, finish desired, or any of our plated finishes, and any other instructions pertinent to your sign.

WHEN ORDERING NAMEPLATES - Block letters available to 1" height, script letters to 1/2" height. Size depends upon number of letters and lines desired. Plates will be engraved at our discretion or customers wishes.

When ordering use code number #1499 for the price of each letter. Be sure to specify script or block letters, periods, commas, etc. Should small aprtment or namplates be desired, please see pages 5 and 6 under door plates.

Name Plates 1, 2, 3

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