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Flush Cup/Sash lifts
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Slide Bolts
Door Stops
Stair Rails and Bars
Escutcheons and Bolts
Adjustable Pulls
Misc. Door Handles
Wire Grille

Pfantiel Hardware Company

• The Pfanstiel Hardware Company started with the vision of its founder Hugo Pfanstiel. He was a machinist by trade with a back ground in art that gave him the ability to visualize and create finely crafted decorative hardware, from idea to model to castings to machined and refined finished products.

• Not only did he re-create old world designs, the Pfanstiel Hardware Company was the first in the nation to make decorative hardware available throughout the entire country and worldwide, as before it was only available regionally, particularly in New York City area.

• Today the tradition is still carried on by the second generation of the Pfanstiel family. We continue to produce all the designs and will be adding more in the near future. Our Hardware has adorned the homes of those that know and can appreciate the finer things in life and want the best Hardware available.

• In this era we recognize the green initiative, and only use low (VOC) coatings, ultrasonic cleaning of items after polishing, our facility is a clean emission facility as we don’t even burn fossil fuels to heat the plant. And our shipping material is also bio-degradable.

Chris Pfanstiel, President/CEO

H. Pfanstiel Hardware Co., Inc : Jeffersonville, New York : Tel: 845/482-4445 : Fax: 845/482-3226