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Jeffersonville, New York
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Door Knockers
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Door Knobs
Door Plates and Roses
Door Pulls
Surface Bolts
Cremone Bolts
Switch Plates
Cabinet Knobs
Drawer/Cabinet Pulls
Flush Cup/Sash lifts
Bath Accessories
Name Plates
Coat Hooks
Rail and Post
Slide Bolts
Door Stops
Stair Rails and Bars
Escutcheons and Pulls
Adjustable Pulls
Misc. Door Handles
Wire Grille
Welcome to Pfanstiel Decorative Hardware. Home to an extensive line of Door Hardware, Bath Hardware, and Cabinet Hardware. For more than 60 years Pfanstiel Hardware has been manufacturing exquisite hand crafted solid brass hardware for the discriminating home owner. Our period designs have been adapted from old world hardware models to work with today’s modern applications. Also we have a wide variety of finishes available. Our hardware is manufactured here in the United States, with our main facility in Jeffersonville, New York, and Rhode Island. Also our Hardware is manufactured in facilities in France, and Italy.

Pfanstiel Hardware takes pride in that we are the first company responsible for making Decorative Hardware available throughout the United States and Canada and sold throughout the world.

We express our gratitude to all those consumers, professional interior designers, architects, and to our trade in general who have been instrumental in our success. Thank you.

H. Pfanstiel Hardware Co., Inc : Jeffersonville, New York : Tel: 845/482-4445 : Fax: 845/482-3226